Discover The First True System For Developing Speed, Agility, Strength and Conditioning in Today's Female Athlete

Have you ever wondered why there was no comprehensive training system designed specifically to give female athletes the performance edge they need to succeed on the field or the court? Well here’s a sneak peek at the female athlete blueprint you’ve been looking for…

Give Your Female Athletes The Ultimate Competitive Edge...

Dear Fellow Coach,

By now you know that there is no one-size-fits all training system that fits every athlete.

Whether it’s an athlete’s respective sport or position, their individual needs or stage of training maturity – you have to adapt what you do if you want to maximize their potential.

But even though we know this, until now no one has ever developed a complete training resource specifically for the female athlete.

If you work with female athletes, you understand the specific physical and mental demands that are different from their male counterparts.

As just one example…

Did you know female athletes are up to 9x more likely to tear their ACL?

So why are coaches trying to fit their female athletes into the exact same training methods and programs they use with their male athletes.

Or they are simply ratcheting back a bit of the load or the intensity. Maybe they’ve bought into the mistaken and outdated belief that female athletes can’t or won’t train hard.

Perhaps they just kept doing what they’ve always done because they don’t know where to go to find credible, trustworthy training knowledge when it comes to training female athletes.

That’s exactly why the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete was developed.

My name is Pat Beith, and over the past 12 years my company, Athletes Acceleration, has been the worldwide leader in athlete performance education, and as a coach I knew there was a void that had to be filled so that our industry’s best coaches could deliver the type of programing, experience and results to their female athletes that they sought and deserved.

And that’s what led to the development of…

The Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete


To develop what will be known as the definitive resource for training the female athlete, I recently brought the top coaches in the field, Coach Adam Feit and Coach Bobby Smith (and their team at RYPT) together to develop the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete.

Your Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete Coaches

Bobby Smith

Coach Smith, a 2008 USA Olympic Trials Javelin Champion, is the owner of Reach Your Potential Training in New Jersey. A former Division I All American thrower and All-NEC Conference running back for Monmouth University, Bobby is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning, a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, and a USA Track & Field Level I Coach.

In college, Bobby experienced 4 major injuries / surgeries (ACL reconstruction, Meniscectomy, Tommy John surgery, and ankle reconstruction).  But with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude, he came back strong from each injury.  He was the captain of the football team and the track and field team his junior and senior years, All-NEC conference running back his senior year, NCAA Division I Track and Field Men’s Field Athlete of the Year Mid-Atlantic District 2006, Javelin – 5th place Division I NCAA championships 2005, Javelin – NCAA Division I All-American 2005.

In 2008 he won the USA Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR with a personal best throw of 76.06M. He moved to the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Ca. and had the good fortune to work with some of the best trainers, sports medicine personnel, coaches, and support staff in the industry.

Coach Smith’s love of athletics and training, drove him to open Reach Your Potential Training (RYPT) facility, so he can take his experience and knowledge to help his athletes reach their full potential. Eighty percent of RYPT’s athletes are female and in the past 5 years, RYPT has seen and trained over 3500 female athletes.

Adam Feit

Adam Feit is the Director of Sports Performance for Reach Your Potential Training and is responsible for the design and implementation of the center's sports performance programs. Adam brings a host of college and professional strength and conditioning and nutrition experience to Reach Your Potential Training. Previously serving as the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach and Nutrition Coordinator for the NFL's Carolina Panthers, Adam designed and implemented the strength and conditioning programs for the Panthers' specialist and quarterback position groups. Adam also supervised the strength and conditioning programs for the offensive and defensive skill players while overseeing the entire team's performance nutrition program.

Before joining the Carolina Panthers, Adam served as the Head Sports Performance Coach for Eastern Michigan University in 2010-2011. Adam designed sports performance programs for football and women's soccer, while supervising a full-time staff in charge of 21 varsity sports. While at Eastern, Adam implemented the university's first nutrition training table and supplement station and directed major advancements and renovations to the school's strength and conditioning facilities.

Prior to assuming head coaching responsibilities at Eastern Michigan, Adam served as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Louisville's Football Team. At Louisville, he assisted with the design and implementation of the football team's athlete development programs through the 2008 and 2009 football seasons.

Earlier in Adam's career, he served as a Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Citadel in Charleston, SC. He also performed strength and conditioning internships with Arizona State University, US Olympic Training Center, University of Connecticut and Springfield College.

Dr. Sharon Wentworth

Dr. Wentworth was born and raised in Ames, Iowa. She attended West Virginia University on a volleyball scholarship where she played for four years, captained the team, and received all-conference honors. After graduating WVU with her B.S. in Exercise Physiology, she played indoor volleyball overseas before turning her attention to professional beach volleyball. Although volleyball was a true passion of hers, she knew her calling was sports medicine. She attended Widener University where she received her Masters and Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Upon graduation, Dr. Wentworth chose to specialize in sports and manual physical therapy in Montclair, NJ. Following her residency, she worked as director of a sports physical therapy clinic in downtown Manhattan, NY.

Dr. Wentworth decided to return to New Jersey, aiming her efforts at working specifically with competitive athletes and continue working toward her athletic training certification. She spent two years as team physical therapist for Monmouth University before passing her ATC exam in 2003. Dr. Wentworth founded Elite Sports Physical Therapy in 2003 and has since rehabilitated over 1,200 athletes in the shore area. Although she sees a variety of sports injuries, her specialty is the prevention and rehabilitation of ACL tears.

Mary- Kate Feit

Mary Kate brings almost 20 years of private, high school, collegiate and professional strength and conditioning experience to Reach Your Potential Training. Previously serving as a Sports Performance Coach for Champions Sports Performance in North Carolina, Mary Kate specialized in training youth athletes within the Parisi Speed School system as well as directing the adult performance programs.

Before joining the private sector in 2011, Mary Kate served as an Assistant Sports Performance Coach for University of Louisville for three years, designing and implementing performance programs for women's lacrosse, rowing and field hockey as well as men's tennis. During the course of Mary Kate's tenure at the University of Louisville, she was a part of two BIG EAST championships and coached the men's national runner up in men's singles (tennis). She also implemented nutrition education programs with her athletes including power point presentations, food log analysis, grocery store tours, cooking classes, body composition analysis, supplementation management, and restaurant selection and menu regulation of road trips

Prior to the University of Louisville, Mary Kate served on the University of Iowa's Strength and Conditioning staff, working with women's soccer, field hockey and gymnastics. During her years as a graduate student at Springfield College, Mary Kate worked with over seven college teams which included directing the college's football strength and conditioning program in 2007-2008. She also has  worked over seven years alongside world famous strength coach Michael Boyle of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning.

Now they’re making the training philosophy, methods and system they use with hundreds of female athletes on a weekly basis available to you in Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete.

Discover What Training Like A Girl... Really Looks Like

Developing traits in your female athletes like…

  • Explosive Power,
  • Dominant Speed & Quickness,
  • Injury Resistance,
  • Mental Toughness…

…Even on the field or on the court physical dominance are all relatively simple if you have the right training system.

But to empower your female athletes with all those sought after traits you simply have to modify your approach to make sure it begins with their unique needs as female athletes as well as addressing the needs of their individual sport(s.)

Things that you may not be overlooking, but that you likely aren’t addressing at a world class level – like you will once you have completed the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete course.

When you understand how to unlock their physical and mental potential through addressing all the elements requires for success as a female athlete – you’ll see progress skyrocket.

You may be a bit hesitant to believe that things are ‘that different’ for coaching female athletes.

They are.

From the common concerns like ACL injury prevention to the performance factors like developing mental toughness – you’ll be equipped to bring out the best in the female athletes you coach.

And you’ll learn exactly how to do that in the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete.

Beyond Just Drills…Your Female Athletes Competitive Advantage

While I have no doubt that what you doing now is solid…if you want to be the best then you need to develop your training system for your female athletes with the same diligence and specialization that you have for your male athletes.

Because while you may have enjoyed some success in the past, when you utilize this complete training approach for developing your female athletes – the competitive advantage they’ll have over their opponent will be virtually insurmountable.

You’ll be implementing a complete development system for your female athletes that addresses:

  • Assessments
  • Mental Toughness
  • ACL Prevention
  • Linear Warm Ups
  • Lateral Warm Ups
  • Med Ball Work
  • Jump Training
  • Linear Speed
  • Lateral Speed
  • Crossover Speed
  • Power Development
  • Strength Training
  • Conditioning
  • Progressions/Regressions
  • EXACT Programming (what we actually use in the weight room and our speed & agility work – periodized sets & reps & phases)

You’re leaving no stone unturned in developing your female athletes to their fullest potential.

Helping Your Female Athletes Reach Their Full Potential On And Off The Field

One of my main objectives in developing the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete was to take coaching the female athlete to the next level. Over the past 12 years, tens of thousands of coaches have benefitted from Athletes Acceleration educational resources and over time I saw a void in our industry that needed to be addressed.

For those coaches who spend a great deal of their time working with female athletes, I knew I had to raise the bar and deliver a resource that was not only Best In Class, but also offer knowledge and female specific programming solutions that aren’t found in any other resource.

Today I’m proud to release the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete – hands down the most innovative and effective training resource for female athletes ever developed.

Created by Reach Your Potential Training (RYPT), a cutting edge sports performance training center, teamed up with Elite Sports Physical Therapy to create the ultimate system for training today's female athlete.

Inside the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete program, you’ll discover all the training needs and requirements for today’s female athlete. Covering ACL injury mechanisms and prevention strategies, deceleration and landing mechanics, warm-ups, activation patterns, mobility and stability exercises, lifting and power progressions as well as our entire speed and agility training system.

You’re going to get our entire blueprint that has successfully trained and prepared over 3500 female athletes these past 5 years.

You’ll Instantly Become A Much More Effective Coach For Your Female Athletes!

What is Included In the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete?

Section One

Training "The Other Side" (23:28)

Section Two

The ACL Epidemic (29:03)

Section Three

Warm-up (Lateral & Linear Warm-ups) (60:57)

Section Four

Medicine Ball and Jump Training (78:04)

Section Five

Linear Speed (Max Velocity and Acceleration) (45:55)

Section Six

Lateral Speed (Cutting, Stopping, Decelerating, Reaccelerating) (36:36)

Section Seven

Cross-Over Speed (19:38)

Section Eight

The Complete System (28:31)

Section Nine

Day 1 Lifting/Programming (50:01)  

Section Ten

Day 2 Lifting/Programming (52:46)

Section Eleven

Day 3 Lifting/Programming (30:25)


Powerpoint Handouts and Sample Programs (215 pages)

With the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete, you are going to our ENTIRE system…what we actually use with our female athletes. 


The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) approved 0.9 CEU(s) or 9 contact hours for certified individuals who successfully complete the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete course.

The Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete is a primarily a video based training program with the companion handouts. Watching this program is simple and easy. You can either stream video from our membership area, download it to your PC or mobile device or choose the DVD option below.


Yes! Please give me instant access to download this incredible system right now.

Regular Price : $299


Yes! Please rush me the DVDs & give me instant access to the online videos as well.

Regular Price : $329 + s/h

But let me warn you, while the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete is the smartest, easiest to implement system ever developed to specifically maximize athletic performance in your female athletes, you still have to coach it.

Our team is going to give you the philosophy, methods and system you need to help your female athletes reach their potential …but you need to make it part of your program.

At the same time, we want to make sure we're being very clear:  make no mistake, this system will absolutely give you every tool you need to immediately give your female athletes the competitive advantage they want on the field or court—GUARANTEED.

"But What if it Doesn't Work For My Athletes?"

Then It's ALL FREE.

Listen, we know this system works, as do the thousands of female athletes who have already experienced the effectiveness of it while working with Coach Feit and Coach Smith in person. But at the same time, we understand that you still may be skeptical, and as such we want to do everything we can to make this a no-brainer, risk-free decision for you.

And for that exact reason, here's what we're going to do for you:  for each and every coach who orders, we're going to extend our Iron-Clad, 60-day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee:

Simply put, if you implement the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete, and for any reason are NOT entirely satisfied with the results your athletes achieve from it, just contact me and I'll immediately refund your investment.  It's that simple.

We stand behind this training system and the fact that it is the best of it’s kind in our industry, but if for some strange reason it doesn't yield those results for your athletes, you get your money back.  No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

Discover the Complete Blueprint for Training Female Athletes

Do You Want To Give Your Female Athletes The Speed, Agility, Explosiveness And Quickness They Need To Win?

The truth is this: you could scour hundreds of books, DVDs and products assembling drills and exercises, go through thousands of hours of trial and error testing new methods and training protocols to see what works…and what doesn’t (especially difficult because there isn’t a female athlete development system out there).

Or you could…

  1. Skip all that work.
  2. Rely on the fact that we already did ALL of that for you.
  3. Start getting results now with the PROVEN Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete System.
  4. Do so completely risk-free with your athletes’ results guaranteed.



Yes! Please give me instant access to download this incredible system right now.

Regular Price : $299


Yes! Please rush me the DVDs & give me instant access to the online videos as well.

Regular Price : $329 + s/h

Build a TOTAL training system for your female athletes with the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete and discover what training like a girl…really looks like!

Get your female athletes RYPT with the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete.


P.S.  Remember, with our Iron-clad, 100% Money-back Guarantee, we're giving you 60 risk-free days to see that this is a one-of-a-kind training resource that will give you the knowledge you need to help your female athletes reach their potential.  Grab it RISK-FREE today.

Course Reviews

  • Lori Lindsey
    "Wow - Is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to this product. For a coach who trains mainly young female athletes this product is pure GOLD. If you coach female athletes this is a no-brainer purchase. Athletes Acceleration and the coaches at RYPT do a fantastic job of breaking down what an exact day, week, month, and training phase looks like at the RYPT facility. I can’t recommend this product highly enough – I only wish my coaches growing up had access to this high level information."
    Lori Lindsey Sports Performance Coach at Beyond Strength Performance & retired USWNT Soccer Player
  • Melissa Lambert
    “Out of all the fitness products and materials available there is nothing like the Complete Training Guide for Female Athletes. It addresses the most important aspects of working with females both physically and mentally. The easy to follow warm-up, plyometric and strength programs should be a part of every coach’s toolkit.”
    Melissa Lambert Performance Coach & Sport Psychology Consultant
  • Lee Taft
    "Over the past several years, I have coached a lot of female athletes and let me tell you, it’s a totally different ball game then compared to coaching males. Physically and mentally…they are just different! Today, Athletes Acceleration and Reach Your Potential Training (RYPT) just released the 'Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete'. I had an opportunity to look over the complete guide. They did an awesome job of creating systems for helping female athletes reach their full potential on and off the field. If you train female athletes, I encourage you to look it over and seriously consider investing."
    Lee Taft Speed Development Expert Coach
  • Christine Rampone
    "I have been working with RYPT for quite some time and they continue to impress me with their innovative way of thinking. It continues to push me to perform at the best of my ability, especially as a member of Sky Blue FC. Bobby, Adam and the rest of their staff are always extremely professional and show a huge amount of flexibility when dealing with my history. Their specific female athlete training approach allows me to get back on the field at 100% whenever needed. For a world class professional training environment and system, I highly suggest you check out RYPT and their Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete."
    Christine Rampone Sky Blue FC, 3-time Gold Medalist and 2-time FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion
  • Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon
    "Girls' and women's participation in sports has exploded over the last few decades. Female athletes are now doing every sport and physical activity available, and smashing barriers to elite performance.
    With this increased participation has come new research topics, new possibilities, and — unfortunately — a higher rate of injury among female athletes who are not properly prepared to face the rigors of their sports.
    The good news is that injuries don't have to happen as part of peak physical performance.
    Most sports injuries are preventable with the right training programming and an approach that recognizes the unique physical advantages that female athletes have.
    Enabling girls and women to pursue the upper limits of athletic performance also means offering a safe, respectful coaching environment that encourages, nurtures, and pushes them to be their best.
    This educational series looks at both the physical and psychological dimensions of coaching female athletes, particularly young female athletes who are beginning their athletic careers, to help coaches create safe, sane, and smart training programs.
    It begins with an overview of the key issues in training female athletes, and then offers practical, step-by-step programming demonstrated by some up-and-coming young athletes themselves.
    This series is a good addition to the library of any coach who works with female athletes."
    Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon Director of Education, Precision Nutrition
  • Dr. Harry A. Bade III
    “The majority of my ACL reconstructive surgery is young female athletes.  The number of female athletes tearing their ACL’s is alarming.  I believe that the RYPT system absolutely helps to decrease the risk of these sports career changing injuries.  Bobby Smith and Adam Feit have worked with their partner business, Elite Sports Physical Therapy, to identify the physiologic factors that puts these female athletes at risk.  The RYPT system works and it is specifically designed to target any deficits, unlike any other system out there today.”
    Dr. Harry A. Bade III Professional Orthopedic Associates, Team Affiliations: Monmouth University, Georgian Court University, Brookdale Community College, Over 20 local High Schools


The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) approved 0.9 CEU(s) or 9 contact hours for certified individuals who successfully complete the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete course.

The Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete is a primarily a video based training program with a companion manual. Watching this program is simple and easy. You can either stream video from our membership area, download it to your PC or mobile device or choose the DVD option below.


Yes! Please give me instant access to this incredible online system right now.

Regular Price : $299


Yes! Please rush me the DVDs & give me instant access to the online videos too.

Regular Price : $329 + s/h